The Tempest Due Date!

Hello everyone!!!

The site is on! After a little over 3 months of waiting! Finally!!!

So Let’s read the tempest and shoot for the second week of September. Then we can discuss here. I will post some questions, probably individually so the ideas don’t get blogged down in comments for other questions and please feel free to post your own questions.

Lots of love and blog with you soon!!


(This obviously isn’t the right cover or picture, but I thought L would like it).



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3 responses to “The Tempest Due Date!

  1. I made it, I thought I had activated this long ago, but apparently not. Hi! I haven’t the faintest idea how to navigate wordpress, but I will learn 🙂 Tiffany! I miss you so much!

  2. You thought I would like it? Is that racist? haha
    I miss Tiffany too!!!

  3. Oh Leilani, honestly!!! Last time I show you something I think is cool. 🙂

    Hello fuerte!!! I miss you back, by like a million!!! I will post Tempest questions this week, unless Leilani beats me to it! It takes a little bit to figure out wordpress, but you will catch on fairly quickly.

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