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Tempest Disscussion 1

It has been a while since we read Dream of Perpetual Motion, so I will try my best. If you have any questions to add please do.

It seems to me, as though the book Dream of Pnperpetual Motion is an upside down view of the Tempest. At the end of the Tempest, Miranda is marrying Ferdinand and Prospero is, in a sense, getting off of the island, but for Prospero in Dream of Perpetual Motion it is the idea of the island he is wanting to create. Does this seem apparent to you?

Obviously both of the Prospero’s are temperamental and unsatisfied, but what would the appeal of seclusion be?


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The Tempest Due Date!

Hello everyone!!!

The site is on! After a little over 3 months of waiting! Finally!!!

So Let’s read the tempest and shoot for the second week of September. Then we can discuss here. I will post some questions, probably individually so the ideas don’t get blogged down in comments for other questions and please feel free to post your own questions.

Lots of love and blog with you soon!!


(This obviously isn’t the right cover or picture, but I thought L would like it).


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High Five CO!

I was tired of looking at the generic message, so here’s something to take its place!

The first book we are reading as a long-distance group is The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, which I suppose isn’t technically a ‘book.’  But hey.

We’ll still be tweaking the appearance of the page to make it as all-encompassing as possible, to include everything we’re wanting to keep in touch about.  Along with anything else we come up with down the road, we want to have:

1) current/archived book group book discussions

2) contact info for everyone in the group

3) movie recommendations

4) book recommendations

5) recipes

If there’s anything else anyone can think of,  post a reply so our tech-savvy Lauren can work her magic!  🙂

We’ll talk soon!



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